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Who Are We

     Smith Metropolitan AME Zion Church has been serving the city of Poughkeepsie, New York for 180 years, being the oldest predominately African-American church in the city. It holds much prominence due to its' rich history. Civil Rights leader, Harriet Tubman, had a strong relationship with this church being that it was a part of The Underground Railroad Circuit. In most of the 1900's, Smith Metropolitan was known in the Black Community as "The Church" in Poughkeepsie. Many professionals and dignitaries were active members.  Just to name a couple, Ms. Jane Matilda Bolin, the first female African-American Judge in the United States and Mr. Gaius Bolin, her father, the first African-American to graduate from Williams College and the first African-American attorney to be appointed President of the Dutchess County Bar Association.

     Through the years, worship attendance slowly declined due to parishioners relocating, a traumatic series of death or simply because some members might have gained a disinterest. The faithful pillars of the church remained steadfast and hopeful in order to keep the ship from sinking.

     The church today is a very different church than it once was.We are indeed in transition, being that we have a new, vibrant and charismatic leader. A year ago, upon entering the historic and holy grounds of the sanctuary, you might have seen about 30 people. But today, upon entering, you might see about 100 or more spirited worshipers. The worship service at Smith Metropolitan lasts for only about one hour and forty-five minutes. However, there is never a dull moment! There is a healthy blend of tradition and non-tradition in the worship experience so that it will cater to each generation. At our church it is nothing for us to go from a Hymn into a Praise-Break. We are very diverse in our expressions of worship. We believe in shouting, dancing and being loud as we praise our LORD; But we also believe in being quiet and still, out of reverence and to the end that we might more clearly hear what it is that the Spirit is saying to the Church.

     If you are looking for a church to utilize your gifts and serve in, Smith Metropolitan just might be the place. Since we are growing, having received 70 plus new members all within a year, there is indeed something here for you to do. This is a great time to join our church as we are relaunching ministries and giving birth to new ones. Come and see what all the GROWTH is about!

     At Smith Metropolitan we believe that as Christians our mission is to GROW in Christ (2 Peter 3:18), GLOW with Christ (Matt 5:16) and GO for Christ (Mark 16: 15-16). We are on a mission and we aim to bring pleasure to HIS heart and fame to HIS Name.

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