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Nakia Sutton, First Lady

     Lady Nakia Sutton was born in March of 1985 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She was raised in a family that was cultivated by and capsulated in prayer. In the year 2007, she gave the Lord full custody of her life while being assured that a life of peace could only be warranted by Him.

      Lady Sutton was graced to marry Pastor Edwrin Sutton, a son of God, in March of 2013. He is a preacher, recording artist and a published author. Lady Sutton passionately and prominently testifies of his love and leadership to her. They both are a spark of hope and inspiration to couples around the world. 

      Lady Sutton graduated from both Winston Salem State University and UNC-Greensboro where she worked vigorously to earn two B.A. degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 

     She is indeed an Entrepreneur. She owns her own jewelry company and sells accessories, shoes and even clothes that she has sewn from her own clothing line called “Lady Sutton.” Nakia Sutton is a Wife, Motivational Speaker, Advocate for Education, Mentor for ‘Little Ladies’, Business Owner and a small bevy of others, but she rather be known as a Daughter of The Most High God.

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